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I had the pleasure of playing youth football for the Chester County Crusaders through the CYO. At the time it was the only football league I was eligible to play in as I was larger than most kids my age. It was at CYO I was able to gain my basic love for the game and develop the basic skills I needed. As I progressed through high school, I was much more equipped to handle the game having played in the CYO program. I was far ahead of my peers because of the great development these programs provide through high competition. If it was not for CYO football I do not know how I would have progressed into high school. I was fortunate enough to receive a football scholarship to the University of Miami out of high school and am currently completing my Master of Business Administration at Tulane University in my final years of eligibility. These life-changing opportunities would not have been available had I not started playing football at St. Joseph's back in 5th grade. There is no doubt in my opinion that these programs provide kids with life changing skills.  

Hunter Knighton

University of Miami Football Player


CYO sporting events are some of my best memories from my growing up. Along with creating lifelong friends, CYO sports instilled habits in me that played a pivotal role in my athletic career.

Michael Mooney

All State Malvern Prep

3-year starter at UVA


Playing CYO football was a foundational experience for me in my football career.  The friends I made and the memories have stayed with me over the years.  The level of competition and the coaching I received helped prepare me for high school football.  I’ve been fortunate enough to play college and professional football but I’ll always have fond memories of CYO Saturday mornings.

Tyler Kroft

Rutgers University

Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills

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