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We are football folks at heart.  We believe in developing the player and the person and our program is structured around that ethos.  The game of football gives young people the chance to form bonds and relationships that only come from being part of a team, a part of this game - relationships that last a lifetime.  Football is also a teaching tool that allows young people to learn life lessons through experience.  We believe that if our players will work for an opportunity to play a game, they may become adults that will work for a career. If our players will lead on a football field when things are not going well, they may become adults who lead others when challenges arise.  There are countless people who say, I am successful today because of what I learned playing football.  Below is a list of some of the lessons the sport of football helps to instill.  Our staff is dedicated to the daily promotion of these values with our young people.  

1. How to compete

2. How to be disciplined

3. Attitude

4. Effort

5. The value of hard work

6. How to lead

7. How to accomplish something bigger as part of team

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